Thursday, October 16, 2008

cool google information

It helps if you have spent endless hours studying how to get results, and understand the hundreds of factors google uses, like I have. Suprisingly the content of your website makes up very little % of the factors to earn google search results. Instead of a blog about the specialest guy in australia, the phrase could point to a completely non-related business website, with no mention of how sorted they are, and it could still rank for the phrase, as in the "failure" example.

Finally putting my computer science degree to good use (that is questionable). We'll see how this little project turns out over the coming days and weeks, as it is suspected by search experts, that google has a time filter, to stop brand new sites (6 - 12 months old) getting anywhere near the first page of results.
Let's see if this freezes me in my tracks.

I'll keep in touch with the progress, but in the mean time I may need to chill out a bit. Ok, enough cold puns.

The Coolest guy in australia,

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