Monday, August 9, 2010

Craig Foster

Not nearly the coolest guy in Australia, but he is probably in the top 1000 in Melbourne. The real Craig Foster, to be clear I am not talking about the soccer toting, SBS commentating, grey hair wearing cowboy that moves his mouth and noise comes out guy on television. That guy is a complete impostor!

No, the Craig Foster we are referring to is tall, blonde, bespectacled and you will get lost in his eyes blue like swimming pools. You know what I mean. Do I really need to explain? Everyone knows the real Craig Foster.

Featured in The Age in Melbourne and the Sydney Morning Herald.
Here is one of Craig's pieces of prose:
Do you like fancy dress? I'd like to start a group where we meet up and ride trains in costume.
My favourite costume is a pirate outfit on the top half but has clown pants and big shoes, you can wear whatever you like.
But tights on men are a bit gay IMHO. Meet me here on Sunday at 10am with your Sunday Saver ticket.

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Tony Montana said...

I'd like to meet for a fancy dress train ride. I'll be at Windsor station this coming Saturday catching the 10:43am train to Sandringham. I hope to see you all there.